Piano terra en

01 The entrance hall

A path through transparencies and perspective games

The welcoming entrance hall reveals the greenery of the internal courtyard. According to a peculiar characteristic of the Milanese buildings, we want to create a discreet relationship between the public space and the greenery of the new courtyard.

From the hall, through a path characterized by transparency and perspective games, you enter the lift and stairwell area which will become an open “hinge” between the portion of the building on the street and the body on the courtyard.

02 The green courtyard

The surprising green heart

The building offers large green spaces on the ground floor and a gym for exclusive condominium use overlooking the internal courtyard. We find large relaxation areas, where you can relax and enjoy the privacy of the internal courtyard.

03 Wellness Area

Mental and physical well-being

Great care has been taken in the conception and design of the wellness spaces, with a gym inside the residential complex, located on the ground floor.

The lowest common denominator of this space is well-being: mental well-being and physical well-being. The balance of the senses is achieved thanks to the harmony and peace that this exclusive space that overlooks the green courtyard provides. Immerse yourself in nature while remaining in the city. Enjoy peace, without thinking about chaos, through an experience of the five senses.

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