Interesting sites

From via Fioravanti you can easily reach Corso Sempione and its park and arrive directly at the Arco della Pace.

Corso Como, on the other hand, is the most appropriate choice if you are looking for an evening in the premises, it is just over a kilometer from Via Fioravanti and can be reached on foot or by public transport.

An atypical and innovative place is 10 Corso Como, it is an almost obligatory stop for shopping lovers and not only; in addition to being linked to the Fashion sector, it is also an elegant multifunctional space that houses concept stores and art galleries.

Air, green and the charm of those who know they have a lot but are used to masking it; Ceresio 7, located a stone’s throw from Via Fioravanti, from which you can admire the skyline of a city that gradually defines itself over the months and which changes following the rhythm of the seasons.

If on one side we find the “New” Milan, on the other the old one gives us handkerchiefs of greenery, neighborhood gardens with games for children.

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